Why church?

  • Because all the pleasure and riches of this world can’t fill the hole God left in your heart.
  • Because you can’t medicate the pain of your life but you can heal it in Jesus.
  • Because salvation is free and Heaven is real.
  • Because of the smiles.
  • At Lake Balboa.

The Lighthouse Church – Van Nuys currently meets:
-Sunday 10:30 a.m. at Balboa Lake/Anthony Beilenson Park (unless it is below 55 degrees or rainy, in which case we meet at Pastor’s apartment)
Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Las Palmas Park in the City of San Fernando 505 S. Huntington St. 91340
Thursday 7:00 p.m. pastor’s apartment 14925 Sherman Way apt 117 Van Nuys

      • Because love and relationship with God beats everything else this life has to offer.
      • Because you can be freed from drugs, depression, alcohol, sex addiction, pornography and every sin.
      • Because God places the lonely in the family of the church.
      • Because Christ left his church to function in his stead to see people healed, delivered, saved and established in His way.
      • Because acceptance and love from new friends will help you grown in God.
      • Because we like Mexican food and coffee.
      • Because we embrace people from all sorts of cultures.
      • Because we care.

Pastor Mike Ashcraft – 310-403-6471 – 14925 Sherman Way apt 117 Van Nuys email: SFValleyChurch@gmail.com

      • Because where else can you learn the Word of God that will set your life on course towards success and happiness?
      • Because the Holy Spirit moves among us with power.
      • Because our congregational praise transforms.
      • Because Jesus loves you.
      • Because the Truth will set you free.
      • Because the Bible infuses you with wisdom (how to live).
      • Because we are sojourners on this earth, our home is Heaven and God is our Father.
      • Because the church is God’s institution to multiply his Kingdom and reach others.
      • Because we get changed into the image of God at church.
      • Because there’s power in prayer.
      • Because evangelism is neglected by so many Christians.
      • Because we have fun in fellowship and the Lord’s service. It’s not drudgery! It’s joy in Jesus!

We are a Christian Fellowship Ministries church. As such, we preach the unadulterated word of God in a dynamic way and believe for the Holy Spirit to revolutionize lives. Our focus is:

      1. Evangelism
      2. Discipleship
      3. Church-planting.

When I came to the Christian Fellowship Ministries, I knew all the buzzwords of Christianity. I had heard all the teachings. What was different about CFM is that they were putting them into practice. They were praying everyday. They were in the streets preaching and evangelizing. They were discipling men, who in turn became pastors and started churches. — Pastor Mike Ashcraft