Gen 14 Small is not weak

Abraham defeats an unbeaten army. The Aram military for comprises five king’s batallions. They had just defeated a Canaanite rebellion against their hegemony.

No matter. With only 312 fighters, Abraham handily defeats them.

I. Small is not weak.

Our churches in the Christian Fellowship Ministries tend to not be the largest. This is the secret to our success, not the accumulation of massive amounts of church attenders in one massive building directed by Mr. Super Charisma. No, it is the ordination of massive amounts of workers to “pioneer” many churches all over the face of the Earth. Our strategy hasn’t caught anyone’s attention; people are largely fixated on large (which they assume wrongly means strong).

Abraham proves our business model. So does Noah. So does Jesus and 11 unimpressive cohorts. So does Paul. So does David, beating Goliath. Small can be incredibly strong.

Never underestimate your impact. You are just one. At your work or at school or in your family. You alone serve God. You will be surprised by what God will do with you if you serve Him faithfully through the years.

II. The value of one soul.

Abraham risked his neck and his entire household to save one man, Lot. Easily, he could have written off on the reckless nephew, who willfully endangered himself by moving into the City of Sin, Sodom. But he valued a guy who’s value is hard to discern from the biblical stories.

All that work, the risk, the fight shows the value of one soul.

There’s more rejoicing in the Heaven for one person who repents. The good shepherd locks up the 99 to find the one wayward sheep.

How hard do you go for one soul? How much prayer? How much outreach? How many times do you visit? How many texts do you send? How much love do you squander on one person to bring them to Jesus?

One soul represents 100s. One person saved can save 1000s. You can count the seeds in an apple but never the apples in a seed.

III. Purity of motives.

Abraham refused the king of Sodom’s generous offer to cede him all of Sodom’s riches. He wasn’t motivated by money. He did what he did for God.

For his part, the kind of Sodom, a type of Satan, shows that Satan knows better than we what is truly important. He’s not interested in riches. He’s interested in people — in taking them to Hell. People are the true riches of life.

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