Made in the Image of God

Text: Gen. 1

Introduction: When the Bible says that human beings are made in the image of God, this does NOT mean that God has a physical body. He does NOT have a nose with god-sized boogers. He does NOT have armpits requiring divine deodorant. No, John 4:24 clarifies, “God is Spirit.” The descriptions of God’s body parts are figurative language to help us humans conceptualize God (a figurative language is saying “the sun rises and sets” when in fact this is not correct; it is the earth that orbits).

Being made in the image of God then means emotionally and spiritually. What are the attributes that humans have/should have that mimic God?

God establishes order. In our text, God takes complete chaos and sets apart the waters from the firmament, darkness from light, etc.

Before we came to Christ, our lives were a chaos. We admitted no rule of conduct. Our families were a disorder, our finances a chaos and our mental life a riot of wild thoughts. We only wanted to sin, not caring for consequences.

When we come to Christ, we begin to order things one by one. It took years to destroy our lives; it will take years to rebuild them. This is why we come to church to receive instruction and to order our lives. We should not be afraid of order since chaos made us miserable. We should not cling to sin fearing to relinquish it to God, because order brings beauty and happiness.

God brings light. In our text, God makes light, which overcomes the darkness. As humans, we like light. Would you drive your car on a country road on a cloudy night if your lights were out? You would crash. Because we have driven our lives in the darkness, we have crashed so many times. Bringing light is good and helps us. John 3:19-20 says people don’t come to the light to NOT have their deeds of darkness exposed. Don’t be afraid of the light. Every sermon you hear brings light to an area of darkness.

God creates. In our text, God creates. This shows us that we have the creative impulse. Whatever our giftings, we should use our artistic or scientific abilities to creates for the glory of God. I was not given musical talent. I was given writing talent. I must use my gift for God. He who neglects is gift is in danger of “burying his talent” (Mt. 25:18,20-21,24-30). You’d better use your gift for God.

(sermon Ap. 23, 2017 Pastor Mike Ashcraft)

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