Who are we?

We are imperfect people! And we welcome others whose only merit is that they want to be forgiven for their sins by Jesus and serve Him.

We have people from all walks and stations of life. What joins us is our commitment to the following the Word of God and putting into practice the teaching of Jesus.

What divisions and discriminations exist in world must disappear in Christ. What makes us one is Christ.

Pastor Mike Ashcraft was a missionary for almost 16 years in Guatemala. He teaches English, Spanish, and journalism in the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica. He has been a member of the Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica since 1988. It was the Lighthouse that sent Pastor Mike and his wife to Guatemala. His kids were born in Guatemala. Pastor Mike also is an apartment manager in Van Nuys. In addition to preaching and teaching the word, he writes Christian news online. He’s a gym rat.

Dianna Ashcraft is a mechanical engineer at Innovative Engineering Group in Monterey Park. But her real passion is her three children, Rebekah, Robert and Hosea. She loves to cook up big meals for the church and is nice to a fault. She plays the piano for worship. She doesn’t like the term, but she’s a gym rat too.