Who We Are:

Pastor Mike and his family (Dianna, Rebekah, Robert, Hosea and Dee) were launched into the San Fernando Valley in 2016. Very quickly people joined, eager to hear the Bible and align their lives with God’s Word.

Previously, Pastor Mike was a missionary in Guatemala for 16 years. He currently teaches literature, Spanish and journalism at the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica, where his youngest son is a sophomore.

Pastor Mike loves to use his talent for writing for the Lord. He frequently uploads reports to GodReports.com. You can find his articles there.

Dianna is an engineer at Innovative Engineering Group in Monterey Park.

Rebekah wants to be a missionary in India helping orphans.

Robert is studying engineering at CSUN and loves soccer.

Hosea plays football and soccer at the LCA.

Dee is our adopted daughter. A student of child development, she works for Starbucks and the Lighthouse Infant Care in Santa Monica.

The boys are part of out band, Spirit Led.

We are families, singles, kids, parents, youth, Americans, immigrants. We are brought together by one thing: Jesus.